Why Raw Honey?

After honey is extracted from the hive frames, the honey is filtered through a sieve to remove small bits of beeswax. What remains in the honey are tiny particles of pollen and propolis. Raw honey contains all the vitamins and minerals that occur naturally from the hive. All honey will eventually crystallize or become granulated. When honey crystallizes, it simply needs to be gently warmed to return it to its liquid state. The flavor remains the same….delicious!
There are several things one can consider when buying raw and local honey.
First, if the jar of honey appears to be too thin or liquidy, this could indicate that the product was compromised with over processing.
Second, absolutely clear liquid is not necessarily a goal for possessing raw honey. Pure and natural honey contains beehive by-products.
Third, it is very easy to detect spoiled honey. Pure honey never spoils. If the smell is fermented then something else has been added to the honey that does not belong, namely: sugar water.