After 35 years of raising a family, being a housewife and dabbling in various jobs, I have embraced the world of honeybees. While most choose to slow down in middle-age, I have taken a path to stings, dings and bada-bings!
I have chosen to weave a maternal, nurturing mindset into a bee society, which is not too much unlike the human society. To do this, I am using my calm demeanor and love of nature and the outdoors to blend common sense and research to understand and find answers to colony collapse disorder and other problems affecting honey bees.
To this end, I will be working with other beekeepers and honeybee specialists in the United States to develop a plan to encourage growth of bee populations: utilizing specialized diets, mite suppression, placement of hives, predator exclusion, and other inputs which have negatively affected honey bees.
Recognizing the benefits other than honey that honeybees provide, I am working with agricultural interests to determine the pollination potential and value of “in crop” placement of honey bees in the field. Constantly looking to improve the environment and factors which I can control, I will strive to provide the best ecological venue for not only my bees, but those wild and being raised by others. Always free to share my knowledge and experience with others, I feel that sharing of ideas and positive encouragement can only help with the struggle of trying to understand the bee realm.